Were Gov. Malloy’s Accusations True?

Here in Connecticut, Governor Dan Malloy recently made some false accusations against his opponent, Tom Foley, in the upcoming gubernatorial election. Our executive director, Lauren Noble, contends in the New Haven Register that Malloy is just trying to distract from his own record. She writes:

Instead of improving Connecticut’s business climate for job creators across the board, he has offered a mixture of tax credits, loans, and grants to a select number of companies. In some cases, he has sought to lure in businesses from across state lines, and in others, he has tried to have them relocate within the state. Simultaneously, he signed the largest tax hike in state history. The unifying principle, if there is one, appears to be incoherence.

Even more shameless, when confronted with the poor investments he has made with other people’s money, Governor Malloy chose to play fast and loose with the facts. Instead of taking responsibility, he sought to deflect blame for his failed policies by drawing attention to Mr. Foley’s career as a businessman.

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