Rob Ford and Conservatives in Toronto

A strange thing is happening in my hometown of Toronto: After a summer of record lows, Rob Ford, our infamous mayor, is seeing an upswing in his poll numbers. If you're anything like me, then you probably suspect that there's an interesting trend driving the change. It's possible to dismiss this as just an insignificant fluctuation as frustrated, disenfranchised voters shift their support between candidates ahead of the late-October election. Even if that's all it ends up being, there are still a couple of pretty interesting electoral trends that are worth considering, and a pretty counterintuitive fact that underlies it all.

Violating Antitrust Laws in China

Mitchell focuses on the investigations into some foreign automobile companies such as BMW, Audi, and Honda. And he sheds light on their questionable violations of Chinese antitrust laws—violations of fixing the prices of spare parts and those of repair and maintenance services.

The Philosophers’ War on Israel

The academy has a well-known disdain for the state of Israel. Whenever Israel is in the news, you can rest assured that some league of professional academicians is working on a petition condemning the “oppressive” regime of what happens to be the freest state in the Middle East. Yet despite the self-righteous reproach of disgruntled paleontologists at third rate American universities, reasonable people seem to have traditionally been able to recognize just how morally praiseworthy Israel’s conduct has been.

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